Frequent Asked Questions(FAQ)

You did it to a short deadline, so it cannot be very good

Our writers work full time and so have become very good at creating high quality essays in a short space of time. As they grow more proficient they also become more efficient meaning that high quality essays may be produced very quickly.

Is doing this against the law?

Not at all because we do not plagiarize, spin or rewrite. There is also no law against handing in a piece of work with your name on it–no matter who wrote it.

What should I send so that you complete my essay?

Send us all the things that the professor gave to you. This includes marking guides, essay questions, pertinent textbook chapters and any notes you were given about the essay.

Can I get my essay quicker?

Try lowering the deadline. We do have a same-day service you can use, or you can try our 24 hour service for slightly longer essays.

Isn’t using your service unfair to other students?

Not at all since over 50% of students admit to using essay writing services at least once, which means using our service is one of the few ways you can level the playing field.